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    Install mapped software

    1Z3qogwW Apprentice

      Install mapped software

      Hallo Profis!

      Ich habe ein Problem beim mapped Software Installation. Ich habe, wie in der Anleitung (Doku) steht alles gemacht.

      Software Monitoring gemacht und Pakete zugewiesen.


      Hello professionals!

      I have a problem with mapped software installation.  I've done everything as described in the manual (Docu).

      Software Monitoring and assigned packages.


      Template (Testweise) erstellt.

      Template (for testing purposes).


      Computerzuordnung gemacht.

      Computer assignment.


      Funktion Start.

      Function Start.






      Inventar habe ich überprüft und bei einigen Tests extra angestoßen.

      Was mache ich falsch?

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen.


      I checked the inventory and toasted it during some tests.

      What am I doing wrong?

      With kind regards.




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          1Z3qogwW Apprentice

          I have packed all software versions in one package. This makes it easier to monitor and assign the software. Now I have noticed that when I remove the detected software from the package and assign installation package, then we recognize and install the software. But we have installed many software and in different versions. Does anyone know a way to detect all software versions in the package?

          Ich habe alle Softwareversionen in einen Paket gepackt. So ist es einfacher die Software zu Überwachen und zuweisen. Nun habe ich festgestellt, wenn ich die erkannte Software aus dem Paket rausnehme und Installation Paket zuweise, dann wir die Software erkannt und installiert. Aber wir haben viele Software und in verschiedenen Versionen installiert. Kennt jemand einen Weg, dass alle Softwareversionen im Paket erkannt werden?




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            steve.may Apprentice

            Are those normalized products in SLM that you are using?  I found out that even though you can technically map the software packages to Normalized products, it doesn't work.  I was fairly disappointed with that.


            What I ended up doing though, was to create public queries to include all versions of an application (for example Google Chrome).  Then go into SLM and setup a Custom Product and select the query.  Then map the custom product to the package.  That appears to work correctly.  You'll just end up with a bunch of extra Monitored Custom products, but it works fine for installing mapped software during provisioning.


            Hope that helps!

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              1Z3qogwW Apprentice

              I have another problem.

              Custom products and queries now work. Only if I assign package to product and mark it as "Customizable" I get the following constellation.



              Green marked software has been detected automatically. Among them, because I marked it as "Customizable". If it's green, I can't uncheck and the software installs automatically. It is very good that it is recognized, but I also want to adapt the software.

              What am I doing wrong?