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    Mass scheduling of tasks.

    samurainigel Apprentice

      Looked around for a while and couldn't find an answer for this one:


      I have about 200 tasks in a single group in my Scheduled Tasks tab. Each task is associated with its own query for specific computers. I need to get all 200 of these scheduled to run once per week at a specific time of day.


      Is there a faster way to schedule them all at once with the same schedule than going to the properties of each one by hand and scheduling them one-by-one?



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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          Technically there is. It is not the most intuitive way of doing it but I use the MBSDK to loop through all the task_idn's for a particular Owner, in your case you would use a group. It works very well and I can kick off over 200 tasks whenever I decide to. Aside from using the MBSDK, the only other way I can see it being done is to write directly to the DB and set a start time, in the future, for all the tasks in your group.

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            samurainigel Apprentice

            Yeah, option two was where I was thinking of going, but I try not to write directly to our production database if I can avoid it.


            I did find a way to do this which wasn't much cleaner, but did work:


            • I modified one of the scheduled tasks how I wanted it to be (10am weekly, every Wednesday) and saved the task.
            • Exported the modified task to an .ldms file.
            • Exported the group which contained the 200 tasks I needed to edit. This created one big .ldms file with all of the data in it. I originally was expecting it to create a bunch of .ldms files like when you export a bunch of distribution packages, but for some reason, it does it all as one great, big file instead.
            • From there, I looked at the "corrected" .ldms file, and compared it to the first entry in the big .ldms file in Notepad++. I found the relevant rows that were changed in the scheduled version of the task, then used find/replace to change all of scheduled tasks in the big file to match. (This ended up being easier than the powershell script I thought I was going to have to write to open each .ldms file, search for the rows I wanted changed, modify them, and save the .ldms file!)
            • These rows were:
              • initialStart
              • timeNextStart
              • timeLastStart
              • weekFlags
              • taskStatus
            • Imported the large .ldms file to update the existing scheduled tasks.


            Note: The "taskStatus" row I kind of found through trial and error. Apparently EPM changes the task status to "HOLD" when you export a task, even if it's an active task. Then when you re-import the .ldms file, you end up with a Status of "Not Scheduled." I manually changed the taskStatus to "WAITING" on all scheduled tasks before importing, which set the status of each task to Waiting, instead of Not Scheduled.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              There's technically another way to do it, but that's about to change with 2018 ... so I'll second the vote to make use of MBSDK & such as better ways (that should work through back-end tech changes).


              For more info on using the MBSDK , see here -- Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included) .

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                samurainigel Apprentice

                Thank you both for the help. I'll look into doing it that way the next time I'm looking at this. I never even knew about MBSDK before this thread. It looks pretty useful.