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    How to translate the "Watch List" button

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      Hello community,


      a quick question: where can I translate the "Watch List" button?



      It's nowhere to be found when looking at the translation tool neither can it be found in the frs_def_translation table on the database.


      Thanks for the help.


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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          This value is translated in a xloc file on the app server itself.  {Install folder}\AppServer\localization\JsStrings.xloc

          Manual modification of files on the server is normally NOT recommended but this is one exception.  Keep in mind this is a viable approach for Premise customers only.  I think there is a feature request open (and if not, please feel free to submit one) to have all the strings from this file moved into the translation tool which will enable cloud customers the same ability to customize this.


          Please make backups of this file before modifying it and fully test any changes in a dev environment prior to deploying to prod.

          These strings are also cached so a cache clear (server and client side) may be needed before you'll see the change.

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