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    Adding Vendors to Incidents

    bsorensen Apprentice

      Is it possible to me to add an outside user to our ITSM as a member of a team?


      I have an IT Finance team that has an outside contractor that will not have an account with our domain or a domained computer.  We use an SSO for people to auto authenticate.


      I have set it up with their email, and the option for Internal authentication.  I matched the account Support at Ivanti uses to help us.


      Did I do this right?

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi BSorensen,


          You can certainly add an outside party to your employee object and have them use internal auth.  Make sure to assign an OU, role and team as well.


          You might also consider doing this as an External Contact which you can also assign to a team / role and provide a login for.