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    LDMS v 8 - Deployment falier report


      LDMS v 8 - Deployment falier report




      Im having some troubles with a web URL package that is being deployed to various sites in the county. I have a 100% fail with the error 7 : 12007 . . . . what on earth is that?


      Any thoughts to what this error may sugges would be really helpfull. .


      Cheers J

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          error 7 : 12007 Is a microsoft error code:



          12007 The server name could not be resolved.




          So based on the error message it appears that you can not resolve the server name in the URL path. A few options, Have you network team find out why you can not resolve this address from your various sites or you could change it to IP address, or FQDN or add a host file to resolve the name from the clients.

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            I'm really impressed Jason


            Yup, it seems that our main cluster of sites will resolve specific server names with a generic host name. . . but our sub sites are not set up to do this (I had no idea). I either needed to create the generic host that will resolve or be more specific with our deployment script (which is what I did). .  . Now its fine. .


            Thanks indeed, no one here had a clue and Ive learnt something.


            Thanks very much