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    Incident Routing - SLA Configuration

    Voke Apprentice




      Was wondering how some of you ISM admins have your solution configured



      1. Incident routing - How do you have incident routed to the specific teams. Take this scenario, when incidents are created they should be routed to the specific teams, i believe this is the functions of a business rule or workflow, an image of how yours was implemented will be appreciated, we don't want incidents seating idle and do not want a situation where team members assign themselves request, but incidents routed to the team and notified via email







      2.how are your serice level agreement configured as againt each incident, and for certain teams and how is the escalation defined from level 1 - 3



      The way i have learn't configuring SLA's was that i set parameters on service provider and category on classification,



      I will like to understand how SLA's are configured on IVANTI and on what parameters

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Voke,


          I'm seeing you haven't gotten much traction on this post so I thought I'd add my 2 cents from support.


          If you have folks submitting the incidents via the Service Catalog, I suggest you use the form offering templates to assign out to each team as appropriate whereeach offering is tied to a template and that template includes the appropriate team assignment.


          As for SLA's, the help file has a lot of info and this uploaded doc in the KB is a decent walkthrough of that segment of the product:

          How to create an SLA[Uploaded File]


          Hope this helps!


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            Voke Apprentice

            Thanks  Jon



            I have actually seen the document on SLM now it is clear to me that my license file does not have SLM reason why i have been figuring out why i couldn't see SLA subscription



            As per the incident business rule, take this scenario, earlier application i have used and what customers have insisted, on was this, while filling the incident form for a new incident creation a rule which say if the service provider equal network and category equal vpn send to the network team, in this situation while filling out the form they will not see the team column as the business rule behind the scene will automagically send the request to the appropriate team if the condition set on the service provider and category are met, this is what am trying to study with ivanti





            Lastly, if you may assist, i do know ivanti has an inbuilt chat but a customer has a chatbox solution built inhouse which uses AI to leverage customers demand, whats the best possible way to integrate the chatbox with ivanti? i know through API but it seems ivanti has three methods for API





            is it wise to connect the chatbox to ivanti or ivanti  should instead connect to the chatbox anyway the essnece is that they want to be able to log incidents from the chatbox



            similar way you have the SAP integration on IVANTI

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              Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

              Hi Voke,


              You should still be able to do that in the Business rules for Incident.  Either initialization, or editing rules "on change" of service and/or category would likely do the trick.  I'm not terrific at complex expressions with the if/then tree you'd need, but this should be a viable approach.


              As for chat integration, you'd have to use the existing chat, build your own API, or log a feature request for a future version.  I know there's one out there for a skype for business integration, but I am not certain how much traction it has at Product Management.