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    crystal runtime 11


      I am trying to create a thinapp package that has crystal launcher.exe that needs to have crystal runtime installed to work.  I have found that the thinstall package with the following vbs script

      Function OnFirstParentStart


      AddForcedVirtualLoadPath("c:\program files\common files\Business Objects\2.7\bin")


      End Function
      works under windows xpsp2 when I run the reports in the thinapp package.


      But when I try to run the thinapp package on xpsp3 I get an error saying "Error loading library: "CRPE32.DLL  Windows Error Number: 998 - Invalid Access to Memory Location."  when I try to run the same reports.


      This does work as a full install in xpsp3 and I have tried to capture the installation in sp3.


      Has anyone else had any issues with this and have they found any fixes?  Please let me know if I need to provide any more details.