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    Goldmine record history with logged in user


      Hi All,


      I have an application built in C# and integrated with goldmine using Gm7s32.dll.

      I am using this first command to call the functions like creating contact etc...
             Goldmine.GMW_LoadBDE(@"C:\program files (x86)\goldmine\", "GoldMine: [ANSI]", "GoldMine: [ANSI]",username, password);
      The usernames and passwords are hardcoded.


      - The application is launched from within the goldmine. Is there any way to execute the command using the username and password of whoever is logged in.


      The reason I would like this to happen is that I am creating history record of activities of the user who is logged in and who is really using Goldmine. And because I am loadingBDE with hardcoded username and password, the record history gets recorded with that username/password that I am hardcoding.
      Is there any way to record history with the person who is really using Goldmine?


      Thank you

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          MBerry1 Rookie

          I have not used the GMXS32.dll approach, but my understanding is that it is able to access GoldMine even when there is no interactive user. If you want to access the interactive GoldMine session, you'll need to use DDE or COM.


          In the API Guide, in the section on GMXS32 GMW_LoadBDE (p. 68), I see this:


          SzUser: Specifies the GoldMine user name (must be UPPERCASE).

          For API version 5.70.20222 and later: You may set this parameter to the value of *DDE_LOGIN_CREDENTIALS* to

          use login credentials returned for the user logged into a running copy of GoldMine through DDE.


          SzPassword: Specifies the user’s password (must be UPPERCASE).

          For API version 5.70.20222 and later: You may set this to the return string from the GetLoginCredentials DDE

          command if the User parameter is set to *DDE_Login_Credentials*. The credential string is only valid for 30 seconds.


          So this is recommending to use DDE to retrieve credentials. DDE is not available in current programming languages. However by searching the API Guide for the string "GetLoginCredentials", I found a section "Retrieving Login Credentials for Use with the GMXS32.DLL" on page 175 that discusses how to do it using COM. Most if not all DDE commands have an equivalent in COM.


          Also note that the API Guide says that GMW_LoadBDE is for GoldMine 6.7 or lower. GoldMine 6.7 is over ten years old. Is that the version you are using?