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    HelpDesk v6.6 - Moving the InfoMine files


      I wonder if you can help me…

      We want to move our InfoMine files from the D: drive to a new E: drive on our HelpDesk application server…

      I have attempted to do this myself by simply editing the registry to change from D:\TouchPaper Software\HelpDesk\Verity26\InfoMine to E:\HelpDesk\Verity26\InfoMine in HKLM\Software\Touchpaper\HelpDesk\InfoMine.


      When I now load the InfoMine Builder Configuration it has been updated to show the new location, however having restarted the InfoMine Builder service and waited for the next build/update to kick off nothing seems to have happened in the new folder, we just have a couple of error logs.


      I also tried stopping the service and running the InfoMine builder in the system tray but it brings up the unknown error which I have pasted below from the auditbld error log. This happened it I tried to run either an update or a full build.





      Can you please tell me what I'm missing here, so I can get these files moved… Thanks very much.



      2009-06-22 17:32:49 Audit Log Opened
      2009-06-22 17:33:03 Unknown error received: -100
      2009-06-22 17:33:03 An error occured whilst attempting to remove the

      GROUP<n> and InfoMine directories and files.

      Consult the on-line help for further information.
      2009-06-22 17:33:13 Error cleared manually
      2009-06-22 17:33:24 Unknown error received: -100
      2009-06-22 17:33:26 Error cleared manually
      2009-06-22 17:33:28 Unknown error received: -100