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    Mass vPro Client Side Configuration


      Hey guys I have two questions.


      1) In the Client Side vPro settings what is the Host Name suppose to be set to?


      2) We have many vPro capable machines in our offices. Is there anyway to do a Mass Configuration on the client side of all these machines?


      We are using the Small Business Provisioning Model.


      I appreciate any advice.

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          Host name should be the Windows Host Name.  If it's different then there can be problems.


          Small Business mode requires each box to have the password manually set.  If you want to do something more automated you need to go to an enterprise model.  From there you either have 1 touch provisioning or 0 touch provisioning depending on the version of vPro being used.


          1 touch provisioning requires using a thumb drive that contains unique information to be assigned to each device.  The thumb drive is used as a boot device once per machine, and then LANDesk should take over from there.  0 touch provisioning will only work for devices that haven't been purchased yet, because it requires you to purchase a certificate from verisign or someone like that and have it preloaded by your OEM into the chipset on the vPro devices.  When they arrive and are turned on they automatically look for the LANDesk server and get set up from there.


          1 touch is most likely the easiest for existing machines.

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            zman Master

            1. Host name: The host name set in the Intel AMT BIOS is independent of the Windows computer name. If the Intel AMT device is going to be added to a Windows Domain, fill in the Domain field; otherwise, leave it blank.


            2. A lot of this depends on what version of LANDesk/SP and AMT/Vpro version your machines are at.


            I would suggest you switch from Small Business Provisioning Model to Enterprise Mode. Here is some light reading ;-)




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              I appreciate your suggestions and advice here. I think it's best for our environment to use the Enterprise model. I do have a few questions surrounding the Enterprise model. I've been using two documents on setting vPro up. 1) Intel vPro and Intel Centrino Pro Processor Technology Quick Start Guide 2) Best Practices for using Intel AMT-vPro.


              Now here is what I get from it:   (Keep in mind I've already set my password and configured to use TLS.)


              1) Generate IDs (my case as a test I did 10)

                   In the Generate Intel vPro AMT IDs box after generation I only see the PID's. The Provisioning passphrase (PPS) is blank. Is this correct?

              2) Export the Generated IDs to a formatted flash drive.

              3) Boot to USB Flash Drive

              4) Continue with Auto Provisioning, Select Yes

                       At this stage I got an invalid password. This I'm assuming was due to the MEBx password still being admin.  However, this step was pulled right from the Best Practices document.


              I now decided to change my method a bit.


              5) I decided to change the default password on the client and set the PID key and PPS on the client.

                   Because, like I mentioned before the PPS in LANDesk was empty I had open the setup.bin file to figure out what it was.

              6) I entered the Host Name as the computer name in Management Suite.

              7) I rebooted the machine and booted USB Flash Drive

              8) Continue With Auto Provisioning, Selected Yes

              9) A few command lines came up rather quickly but I did see something saying table mismatch.


              I did check LANDesk and I have the vPro options when I right click on the machine but none of them actually work. Do you guys mind pointing out my flaws here?

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                After speaking to Kevin Steele and Rex Moffitt I was able to get this working. The "one touch" method wasn't so much one touch in my environment.


                What I did, and they tested in the lab, was manually enter in the Provisioning Server and Port #, restarted, booted to the USB Jump Drive and applied the Provisioning.


                This has worked for me if anyone else has this issue.