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    Continual Service Improvement tracking

    mebrian Rookie

      I am wondering if anyone is currently using ISM to manage/track IT Continuous Improvement items/initiatives, and if so, how are you doing that?


      I would hate to look at another software tool if there are solid options here.



      Brian S.
      University of Texas Medical Branch

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Brian,


          I see this got filed in the ITSM 6x and 7x space (which is for a couple older product lines).


          I'm moving it to a more appropriate subspace for ISM.  Hopefully it'll get a few more eyes / answers there.


          You might eyeball the Project management feature and see if it suits your needs.



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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            I have seen various methods implemented in ISM most of them either utilise the problem module or the Service Request module.  It really depends on what you see a CSI process looking like, you can even create a new CSI workspace, workflows and SLA's to support he process if required.


            One example is the CSI for the ISM platform, if you create an ISM feedback service request you can capture both analyst and customer feedback on the usability of the solutions and areas in which they would like enhancement.  These can then be reviewed and placed in to a work stream.

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              mebrian Rookie

              Thanks for the response. Your response did give me a couple of ideas so I marked it as answered. I will tinker with them and see what comes out of it.



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                Dan_Mills Apprentice

                Hi Brian


                I've created my own module called CSI. Based a lot of it off Problem and Incident.


                It's still in the pilot phase at the moment, might be worth thinking about if you're going to do CSI in any great detail:



                I built it from scratch so it does take a bit of time to get right!



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