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    Issue with devices booting into WinPE

    MSilvester Rookie

      We have a vendor who builds our devices for us and has a Ivanti replication server in the warehouse connecting over a VPN back to our head office and core server.

      Our vendor is able to build new devices with no issues at all, if they build a device that has been seen by Ivanti before it will never be offered a PXE offer.


      We have checked our inventory for the MAC address of these devices, and they do not ever appear in the Network view.

      We have also check we have selected under PXE boot options, Always PXE boot UEFI devices.


      I believe the issue is related to Ghosting in the database, but do not know how to investigate this. My guess would be that the MAC address is stored somewhere in the Ivanti database, and cannot be viewed in the console.



      We are using Ivanti Management console 2017.1

      Our devices are all UEFI with secure boot with UEFI network stack enabled.

      We do not experience this issue here in head office.

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          Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

          Wow that is a strange one. Did you check for the PC in both in all devices and unmanaged devices as these are stored in different tables in the DB?


          One workaround would be to create a USB boot device and supply this to your vendor.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            This may help -- About: "Devices" and "Duplicate ID's" option for Inventory, and how they work


            Generally speaking, "ghosting" (if we're talking "cloning) OS'es is a bad idea, as all manner of unique ID's get cloned along with it.


            As far as EPM is concerned, it *IS* possible, but people tend to forget to remove the unique ID.


            I'm a bit head-scratching at the fact that "a device that HAS been seen by Ivanti EPM before won't see PXE" ... that sounds like there's something else awry (since it's really a simple "Hey - here's my MAC address..." and all the Core has to do is to check against that MAC).


            What you COULD do, is turn on "store inventory scans" on (it's an advanced option for the Inventory service HERE):


            That'll allow you to see whether the relevant mini-scan ever makes it to the Core. You MAY need to do some wiresharking though to see if *ANY* comms make it to the Core in the first place though.


            You can pick up a big of Provisioning type troubleshooting info from here -- [Tech Brief On-Demand Webinar 2016] Provisionin... | Ivanti User Community -- where I cover a few things as part of a webinar I did on Provisioning a while ago (not much has changed since then, so you can use the info there - with basic www-service info around slides 11 onward) . The visual explanation of the way the Provisioning boot process works should help you (and help you Wireshark-trace problems).


            Also there's a dedicated troubleshooting section (slide 50 onward) that may be of use.


            If need be, this is something that support can help you troubleshoot, but it's not normal behaviour.


            I suspect you will be wiresharking a bit to find out for certain where communications DO go and what's provided / not provided ... based on THAT, you can then hopefully figure out what's logically happening with the devices that already exist in EPM when they're being attempted to be re-imaged.

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              MSilvester Rookie

              I didn't check SQL directly but have checked Unmanged devices and bare metal devices within LANDesk and cannot find anything relating to those devices.


              I am querying on Intel AMT GUID, Serial number and MAC address.

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                MSilvester Rookie

                Thanks, i will have a look through that article and see if this is a duplication issue.


                We do Ghost our machines at the moment, but this isnt related to that. I am referring to a ghost record in the database, IE we cannot see the PC in LANDesk but the database thinks its there.


                We did have some initial issues with all the comms coming back to the Core server, but we worked with our vendor to get all the ports unblocked eventually. We have been able to image a device fully with Ivanti, but when we try and re image that device even if its deleted from the network view it will not boot into WinPE.

                Adding it as a bare metal device and scheduling a template after its removed does not allow us to boot into WinPE either.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Hmm - sounds like you may need to go at this with some Wiresharking to figure out what IS / ISN'T getting to the Core.


                  Ghost Records shouldn't be a thing (but can be checked easily enough) ... USUALLY I expect something like this to be more along the lines of some sort of networking shenanigans.