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    Host profile will not connect MC9200


      I have 3 new MC9200, this is the first time installing the enabler with a emulator package attached. Everything installs fine. It goes to the staging IP, get the correct IP address from the IP pool but when the telnet app launches the device cannot connect to host. I checked the IP off the device and it is what it supposed to be. Everything looks good but I noticed on the avalanche when it loaded the net profile did not load. I have other devices configured the same way and have never had any issues. Has anyone else had this issue? The weird thing is that when on device connect the WMS said that the IP of the device is was the staging IP address 79.251 but in the fusion profile it was 79.176 (which it is supposed to be 79.176.


      I am using enabler 5.3.95, telnet ce 7.3..94