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    How version of imagew to capture and deploy Vista


      Dear All,


      Heard that imagew.exe 1.x and 2.x has different parameters.


      I used imagew version 1.63 to capture and deploy XP image, everything works fine. However, if I do the same for Vista, I've got the "Missing Ntldr" error. Thus, I download the imagew.exe version 2.06 and do the task again.


      This time, I even cannot capture the Vista image, I've got the error "Invalid parameter /C00x1" error when running the command. From the image storing location, I find the error should be result from the command "imagew /c00x1 i:\<image_name>" in the image_name.bat.


      I have the following questions,


      1. Am I using the right imagew version to do the job?

      2. If so, what parameter should I use?

      3. In the OS deployment window, when I create a new "Capture Image" job, it looks like I cannot change the parameter, how should I get the job done?


      Many thanks


      Thanks and regards,


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          The version of imagew that you should be using for Vista is 2.15.  This was the version that shipped in SP2, however it was discovered that there were some problem and that version 2.15 was not compatible with XP.  So as of right now, you should only use 2.15 if you are capturing/deploying Vista images.  The command lines that are used in 1.x of imagew are not compatible with the command lines used in 2.x.  What you will need to do is open your OSD script GUI and go to the section where you specify the image and tool information.  From the drop-down, select LANDesk ImageW V2.  This will then build the OSD script with the correct command line parameters for version 2.x.

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            Thanks for the information, Watticus.


            I am able to create and deploy a Vista image by following what you said. I am using imagew.exe 2.15. However, after rebooted to Vista, it gives an error "Bootmgr is missing".


            I search the commnity and find a similar suggestion at http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5107#cf, suggesting to add the bootsect command. I am not too sure where to add the command. Should I add at the command at REMEXE right before the reboot of the deployed client? Seems I cannot find the "bootsect" command from the LD client directory. Any idea if the command is from the Vista OS? Many thanks.


            Thanks and regards,