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    TE won't update configuration when updating ConfigurationURL.xml file




      My company has been using WaveLink TE on MC92N0A scan guns for  6-12 months now and we've been utilizing AirWatch to push the ConfigurationURL.xml file so TE will grab the JSON configuration file to configure settings upon initial setup and it works pretty well. However, I can't figure out how to update the settings with a new JSON file. I have airwatch deleting the /sdcard/Wavelink/ folder, re-creating it, sending the file down to /sdcard/ then moving it to /sdcard/Wavelink/ but TE doesn't register it as a new file so it doesn't pull the JSON file and make the changes. I also manually removed the file, cold booted the gun, then added the new version of the file, and TE still refused to update. Is there something I'm missing or is this feature not available with Version


      Thanks for any help,



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          Hi Thomas,


          I'm not sure I'm understanding the instructions you referenced. They seem to use the Configurator as the MDM and to push the changes to the gun but then require the scanning of a barcode to complete the changes. My company is using AirWatch to push files to the guns so I utilized the Export File option to export the JSON file and utilize that to perform the configuration on the gun (which is working correctly). The problem I'm having is updating this configuration with a new configuration file. TE looks for ConfigurationURL.xml in /sdcard/Wavelink/ for a path to the JSON file but it never seems to check that folder after the initial configuration. Are you saying the only way to update TE after the initial config is with the Configurator deployment and the scanning of the QR barcode?

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            I'm having the same / similar issue with getting the TE client to pull the configuration.


            In our case we are using SOTI to manage our devices.


            The manual states to place the Configuration.json file on the web host (in this case I'm assuming the likely candidate here is the SOTI server?).

            -Question: Is there a specific location that it must be placed on our SOTI server for the TE client to be able to reach it?


            The manual also states to place the ConfigurationURL.xml file in the \sdcard\Wavelink directory.

            -Question: I had to create this folder manually, is this directory supposed to be created automatically by the TE client?


            We're just getting started with the transition from our aging Windows Mobile MC9X devices to android - in this particular case the MC92N0.


            Thanks for any input and help.


            ---EDIT: I was able to get this done from a DEV server using this bit of information here: How to properly set up a web share in Server 2008/2012

            And creating the /sdcard/Wavelink folder manually seems to be the expected procedure as I'm now able to pull the configuration from the web server.


            Now if I can figure out how to populate two Connect Pro servers inside a single HOSTConfig with the online Configurator.