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    PXE Boot Error

    Bachderivat Rookie

      Hello together,


      I have tried to image my baremetal device with this how to from help.ivanti.com: How to Deploy a Windows 10 Image with ImageX


      I did exactly all the steps like it is described in this manuall.

      As Image I have used the install.wim of an Windows 10 2016 LTSB ISO-File.


      Also I have imported the XTP and XML File of the ivanti manuall.


      Now when I boot the notebook in PXE it tries to load an file named boot.sdi after this step there appears an error screen (look at the picture I have attached)


      Error Message:

      Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or softwre change might be the cause. To fix the problem:






      Info: A required device isn´t connected or can´t be accessed


      thanks in advance for your answers