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    Maximum Query Size/Length and How to Adjust Limits


      I am trying to run a simple query to report on all exe files on a bunch of PCs and the query doesnt resolve presumably because of the number of rows.


      I am not great with sql and i am wondering if the limits are set there?


      Can anyone tell me:


      1) The default limit to a query - is it by no. of rows or size of query?

      2) How/where to adjust these limits?

      3) Is doing 2 a good idea!!?  Is it possible to break anything?




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          zman Master

          Depending on your ldappl setting mode, the number of computers, and what you are tracking in SLM this would be an enormous amount of data.  What are you trying to obtain from the list of exes? Either way you may be better off in SQL, but depending on what you are trying to find/decipher, there may be an easier way.

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            What is the format of the report you are trying to produce?  Each PC with a list of the installed exe's (a very long report especially if lots of PCs), or a report listing all EXE's with a count against them and the ability to drill down? Or something else?


            If the second (exes with drill-down) you can do this quite easily using a query in the webconsole:


            Look at the attached screenshot for one possible example.  At time of writing I couldn't get it ording by the count, but you could get that easily in excel after exporting the results to CSV.


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