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    Couldn't open tenant database to read workflow instance- Error Handling Workflow Processor Event


      Hi All,


      As some of you know from my last few questions, I am a new ISM manager here at the company I work for- I have inherited this setup which have some quirks including a large number of Service Request offerings which utilise Quick Actions to effectively auto-assign tickets to specific people/departments. This morning none of them are assigning correctly.

      I have attempted to re-create the quick actions and all looks fine until I go into the workflow instance and see the following error message:


      Couldn't open tenant database to read workflow instance

      Exception Details:

      Message: No Exception message.,


      No Exception stacktrace


      Error handling workflow processor event.

      Exception Details:

      Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.,


          at FrontRange.Workflow.WorkflowProcessor.mainLoop()




      To me it looks like it's not even hitting the quick actions any more and I honestly have no idea why.

      The DB server is up and running, it has space. CPU is normal- no changes have been made over the weekend.




      Any assistance would be appreciated, happy to provide any further information required.