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    PXE Client not downloading NBP File

    karlehenry Apprentice

      I am working on setting up and testing PXE Boot via Self-electing subnet services.  I have configured the core with the options and enabled my test machine as the PXE Representative.  I verified the LANDESK PXE Service is running and the LANDESK MTFTP Service is running on the machine.


      when the client boots, it gets to downloading NBP file......  and then boots the OS but not the PE environment nor do i see the custom message I set on the core.


      When I looked at the Logs found in




      I see the message "Unable to write the Disable Netboot value.  Will attempt to service this Netboot request. This is a Non-Secure PXE Rrepresentative."


      Both client and PXE rep are on the same subnet.