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    WinPE PXE - 8.8 work around needed


      Hello - I'm currently using LD 8.8 SP2, I'm having issues with the OSD and need some help. In the past I've used DOS for deployment of a sysprepped image to several Dell models - no problems there. We started purchasing HP 8530p's and ran into issues with the drivers installing correctly. At this point we started to try to use the WinPE for deployment. We are having issues using WinPE in OSD. I've been in contact with support - but nonetheless the issue has not been resolved. The way our system is setup our coreserver is in a remote location and we have a PXE Rep (server) on the local subnet. In a nut shell - our WinPE client machines are not sending or the coreserver is not receiving the SOAP requests. I'm hoping to use WinPE on the local server.


      Is it possible to start the WinPE process using DOS? I'm wondering if I could load DOS after the F8 selection  - then select a script to run in the PXE menu - at that point have Ramdisk load and go straight into imaging whichever machine was selected.


      I considered using BartPE - ref this link:


      I can't seem to get that to work - it immediately fails.


      We are going to go to 8.8 SP3 on the 28th - but I'm doubting this will resolve the issue.

      I need to find another way to resolve this issue.


      If anyone has any good ideas on how to work around this problem - I would appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance