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    excel 2016 and excel 2010, unable to switch workbooks


      I have an issue with 10.1 fr3 em, I've built a new environment side by side and Migrated a few users over with servers.


      one issue I have is that when users open citrix published excel on server 2008 r2 citrix xa 6.5 RU7. Excelhooks are enabled so they can have more than one work book open in the same instance.


      if the user goes to the task bar and selects the second excel spreadsheet, it does not get focus, If I disable em, or remove excel.exe from personalization i can launch and switch between applications fine.

      I've raised tickets with appsense and havent really got any where, Citrix havent really been of any use either, the fact if i stop em and personalization and this works suggests the issue is in Appsense area anyways. but I was hoping some one else may have come across this before or have some suggestions