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    Patching following side by side migration

    RobLent Specialist

      We carried out a side by side migration last weekend from 2016.3 to 2017.3.


      This seems to have gone well and we can see all our clients in the console and they are communicating so it seems.


      We copied the certificates from the old server to the new one and placed a DNS entry to point the old server name to the new server IP.


      However it seems patching is no longer working.


      If we run a vulscan from a client it tries to connect to the old server name and fails.  It just says re-trying again and again until it eventually quits.


      If I ping the old server name from the client it returns the correct IP address for the new server.


      Have I missed something here?


      We will be updating the agents from the new server in time but with over 1000 clients and some of them servers we need to do this in a controlled manner.


      Any thoughts?