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    Agent Config when using Ivanti AV 2017 (Bit Defender)


      Good Morning,


      I am standing up a new 2017.3 SU3 core and will be doing a side by side migration from 9.6 SP2. I want to use the bit defender engine and have followed the getting started community document however I have a few questions.


      Here's what was done so far:


      License fixed to include Bit Defender

      Downloaded Ivanti Antivirus core installation files

      Ran avsetup.exe

      Created an Ivanti AV 2017 config


      With that said, I noticed in the doc that the bit defender agents no longer get definitions from the core with SU3 (i assume they come right from bit defender since you have to whitelist their domain), does this mean I can ignore the Ivanti Antivirus 2017 tab in download updates (the one that specifies how often to get pattern files to the core)?


      Since the BD engine is done via a component upgrade task, does this mean I can and should uncheck all the AV options like including the AV in the agent config, scanning for AV updates in the patch scan settings, and in the download updates? 


      How does the engine get updated if so or does it all come from bit defender?


      Thank you in advance.