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    missing/lost TelnetCE 7.3 license after reinstalling the program


      Hi Everyone,


      We purchased a TelnetCE 7.3 for zebra MC3100G with RFID.


      At first we install the TelnetCE 7.3.47 on the device and sucessfully added manually the license on the mobile device.


      However, there is a problem with the screen indicator that is not showing up when pressing the yellow button. But there is no problem when pressing the Function button as it shows the blue ring indicator on the screen.


      So what we did is we try reinstalling a TelnetCE that is version 7.3.299 then it solves the issue with the yellow and blue screen indicator when the button Was pressed.


      But then, after installing this version, the TelnetCe license seems missing and keep prompting to “add the license”. Then we tried to add the license and key-in the information that we get from license registration but it keeps showing “Authorization Code Failed”.


      Can anyone help how to fix this issue? We purchased a 2 in 1 license for VT220.



      Thank you very much in Advance.


      Best regards,