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    How to distribute Provisioning files


      I am a provisioning newby - getting training in a month or so, but need to get up to speed in the meantime on a few things.


      I have gotten past making PXE work, and getting basic OS deployment and Provisioning to work - from the core server.


      But nowhere can I find a way to get it to work in a distributed environment. We have 35 offices around the world and I would like to figure out how to make the files that provisioning is running come from the local subnet - perhaps from the Preferred Server shares.


      Anyone give me some hints?





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          Does the lack of any response mean it is not possible? Or, so obvious that it is a stupid question? ;-)



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            You guessed it. You got no answer because there is no really good answer. In the case of OSD, we have one really good answer in the shape of multicast (which remains a good answer even if you have a single client to deploy). In the case of provisioning, variables are one answer but it's not an ideal one. If nobody comes up with anything, I'll describe what I've seen working.


            You're posting this under provisioning, but your question can be read as if you haven't decided whether to use OSD or provisioning. Can you clarify?

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              Thanks for the response.


              We are definitely looking at provisioning.


              My company has several very different business units with different needs, so we would have like 10 different configurations (different apps mostly - but also differnt computer models on top of that) for deploying computers, so provisioning seems best to accomodate this need. Does that sound right that provisioning is best for this?


              So far, we are very disappointed overall in our LANDesk purchase - too many bugs, too many feature gaps in what we were told to expect or were in our systems this is replacing - and if this is not possible, that's another HUGE problem.


              Seriously, I find it hard to believe there is not an easy way to use, say, Preferred Servers as local distribution points for provisioning/OSD!



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                You hint that there is a useable solution. Can you share that, please?




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                  I'm writing up something. Expect publication tomorrow.

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                    Here goes...


                    The essence of it is a tool called prefmap that mapsa drive to the preferred server.

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                      dhandy Apprentice

                      Thanks for this application, it does what we want it to do. Hopefully this will be in the next release, by the way is their a list of releases that are coming in the version?

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                        jameshopkins Apprentice

                        Hi Steve,


                        Did you manage to get very far with this? We have a similar setup to yourself, around 30 sites.


                        We currently have the images deploying from local sites, and this works fine. The main issue I have at the moment is installing the agent during Post-OS, currently I am running it straight from the core, which isnt ideal for remote sites. Do you have a method of deploying the agent from a local/preferred server?


                        Many thanks,



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                          Thanks for the reply.


                          We finally just purchased and have now completed 8 days with a LANDesk trainer to get our provisioning up and fully running. We did not design a way to distribute the client locally (but that is an interesting question), but have everything else working from local distribution shares - using robocopy for distribution of sites, and creating a template for each site mapping drives to the local shares.


                          I would think that just placing the latest installer for the client on the local distro share and running it would work, though. Or perhaps creating a package for it and just running that package task, too.



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                            I've never done it but working out a method to install the agent from a local server should really be straightforward. This is how I would go about it:

                            • package the agent as a self-contained executable (right-click the agent configuration in the console and you'll see that there is an context menu item to do that)
                            • distribute the exe the same way as your images (and drivers if you're doing HII)
                            • in the post-OS installation section of the template, you already have a drive mapped to the server from which you restored the image, so use that mapped drive to copy the agent to the c: drive
                            • in the system configuration section of the template, run the agent installation exe from the C: drive
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                              yup, that is what I was thinking. Ought to work...

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                                I know I'm stating the obvious but wouldn't it just be easier to have a "Deploy Image" template for each site and have each template point to a local repository or preferred server?


                                We are also a multi-site company and that's the route we're going to take.  Yes, it's a little more work up front to create a template for each site but for us the risk of an image accidentally being deployed across the WAN is not an option.


                                Along the same lines, you could use a "download file" and "execute file" action to install the LANDesk agent from a local server.  It's going to be a little work up front to build these templates but once there done, if you keep them seperated, you can use the wonderful "include" function to combine your various templates to make all sorts of different configurations.

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                                  Thanks for the input. It turns out that is exactly what we are going to do. Need to do a Template for each office anyway - if only to set the computer's timezone/keyboard and other settings appropriately. So, might was well include it pointing specifically to the local server.


                                  Of course in our case that means something like 50+ Templates, but its all upfront work like you say.



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                                    Hi Jan,

                                    it seems that in LDMS 9 preferredserver.dat location and format changed.

                                    So you should replace in your AutoIT script


                                    Const $PrefServerFile = "x:\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\sdmcache\preferredserver.dat"




                                    Const $PrefServerFile = "x:\ldclient\preferredserver.dat"


                                    The file also changed. Preferredservers.dat start with something like a timestamp and a "'?"


                                    In example:




                                    This is the way I changed the parsing flow.


                                    ; ===========================================================================================

                                    ; Read preferredservers.dat data

                                    ; ===========================================================================================

                                    If FileExists($PrefServerFile) Then

                                    LogMessage("preferredserver.dat found at " & $PrefServerFile)

                                    $line = FileReadLine($PrefServerFile)

                                    if $line = "" Then

                                    LogMessage("preferredserver.dat is empty. Using Core server as main share")



                                    $serverlist = StringSplit($line,"?")

                                    if $serverlist[2]="" Then

                                    LogMessage("preferredserver.dat file empty")



                                    LogMessage("preferredserver.dat file contents: " & $line)

                                    ; ===================================================================================

                                    ; Found preferredserver.dat. It is a text file with no CR-LF. If there are multiple preferred server,

                                    ; they are separated by a semicolon

                                    ; ===================================================================================

                                    $array = StringSplit($serverlist[2],";")

                                    $servername = $array[1]




                                    LogMessage("preferredserver.dat not found")



                                    ;================== END OF CODE =====================





                                    Hope this Helps



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