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    Escalation Schedule Exceptions (ISM 2017.2.1)

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      We are currently experiencing an issue where certain exceptions that we capture within the Task.WorkOrder-Completion schedule reflect as a Escalation schedules of their own. This appears to be affecting the creation and linking of the Task.WorkOrder Escalation watch record to the External Task objects, which ultimately means no Target completion & escalation information is available for the External task.

      When we deleted of one of these schedules it resulted in all of these "Duplicate" schedules being deleted, unfortunately that including the Task.WorkOrder-Completion schedule along with hundreds of exceptions in it. Although this resolved the issue of the Escalation watch record not being created and linked to the External task, it unfortunately is not the Ideal solution as it means recreating the Task.WorkOrder-Completion schedule and recapturing the hundreds of exceptions that were originally there.


      Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue and manged to successfully resolve it without having to recreate the schedule and the related exceptions?