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    Filter the dropdown when assigning an incident

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      Filter the Group dropdown when assigning an incident.

      Ive been doing some searching and reading on this - seems quite a popular idea. As far as a can gather the steps are:

      1) Create a system filter to look at system\group and filter active = 1 or name contains "ICT" or whatever

      2) Go to object designer \incident management \ assignment object \ group attrib , then in properties Filter selectors - add your new filter


      Problems I have with that are when i get to add the filter , only a couple of the many many filters show up.

      There was one already acvailable but not applied called "active support groups" (so been tried b4!) and i managed to put another  in the list by clicking "new"

      both of these work and filter ok in query designer, but when i apply them as described above and save changes i get an error saying :


      Can anyone help?