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    Unable to Delete Template Copies




      I'm having al little problem with deleting some old templates within the Landesk OSD.

      Normally the templates copies ( with the timestamp) are locked and after the job is finished you can delete them.

      But now I have several of those template copies which are NOT locked and they cannot be deleted.


      I allready used the "Managing Template Copies in Provisioning Rev 1.0.pdf" which works fine for cleaning up the normal template copies

      But stil these few unusual copies remain in my list.


      I did a little SQL searching and found that the following statement gives me a list of the template copies




      I think that replacing the SELECT command with DELETE will delete it and cleanup my  public template list but I'm not sure if it doesn't destroy other things.

      Any one who can give me some advise ?







      ( using LDMS 8.8 sp3)