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    How do I use Cylance for my AV?

    mpiatt Rookie

      In one of the Interchange 2018 sessions, we were told that EPM could use a number of Antivirus solutions - not just Kaspersky or Bit-Defender.


      How do I set up the agent to use Cylance?

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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          Cylance is not one of the antivirus products that we work with currently.  We do not install 3rd party antivirus products on the clients as part of the agent. All we can do is detect if it is running and update the definitions for the AV products we support. You have to create a distribution package to install the AV product or use some other way to get it installed. It requires a Security Suite subscription in your license to use this feature. In the Download Updates window under Microsoft | Security | Antivirus, you will see the AV products that we work with. You have to download the content for the AV product you are using then then use patch manager to update the AV definitions.