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    No Appserver.frslog file

    NVeron Apprentice



      I try to debug a web service script but I can't file an appserver.frslog file in the log directory.


      I  looked in the log4net.config of the appserver which seems well configured, also added another appender without success. the log directory contains various logfiles  but no AppServer.frslog.


      Is anyone already encountered that behaviour ?



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Nveron,


          If you aren't seeing that log file then this server either has another folder where logs are currently being written (everything in this folder will have an older date) or this server is not running the HEATAppServerAppPool.


          Please be aware that in recent versions these logs orll over once a minute and are then consumed by the logging server and placed into the appropriate database.  If things are working smoothly your logs are likely in the Logs workspace of the tenant you are working in.


          If you are after the console logs, please be sure the crank up the Logging Configuration for the "Script" logs to a sufficient level.


          Here's a similar thread on the community: