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    Self Service Question

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      We are currently (badly) using Self Service to take lunch requests for our company.


      Each week, users can select one of 3 options for each day.


      This then goes through to our catering team who make up the requirred lunch.


      Unfortunately, when this was put in, it was only configured so that the request goes to "Submitted", and then nothing further is done with the request.


      Therefore we currently have approox 33,000 Service Requests outstanding at Submitted...


      As you can imagine, this isn't ideal.


      We are going to be upgrading shortly to the new version of Ivanti, and would like to clear this down.


      I can't think of a way to run a workflow or Quick action without going into each request individually and moving to the completed status.


      Is there anything anyone can think of to mass close the open tickets? Whether that be via a DB Script or something in the front end?


      Many thanks

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          You could could call a workflow which uses a run for Search block, this in turn calls a quick action to close out the historical Service Requests.

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Thanks Alasdair,


            Do you have any steps on how to do this? Not sure I'm familiar with it.



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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup


              • Open the Service Request Object
              • Add a new saved search (help link: ) to find the open historical records something like CreatedDateTime > $(AddDays(-1,CurrentDateTime()))  this is all records older than 1 day.
              • Add a new auikc action to close/cancel or fulfil the service requests.
              • Create a new workflow in the SR object do not create a configuration trigger as we will call it manually.
              • Add a run for search block and enter the search you specified earlier and also call your quick action on the results.
              • Save and publish the workflow.
              • Add a new quick action to the SR object, Execute workflow and the workflow you wrote earlier.


              This will manually call the workflow written and then run the saved search and on each result it gets back it will run the closure quick action.


              I would build an test in staging before running in production to iron out any issues.

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                Dan_Mills Apprentice

                Worked Perfectly.


                Thanks Alastair