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    Field:  Next Update Due

    kim.martin Apprentice

      We added a field to Incident called "Next Update Due".  The intent was to set a date to follow up with the client on the status of their Incident.  The field is set up as a Date Time picker, there is no relationship to another field.  There is no action behind it.  There is a column in one of the dashboard widgets that displays the next due date.  But, it seems no one is using it.


      Has anyone worked with or done anything like this in HEAT/Ivanti SM?   We would like to make it reportable.  I have an idea of a calculation rule that sets the date based on, perhaps, the Resolution Target.


      I'm looking for feedback.  What are you doing?  How did you set it up?  What do you find is the best practice?

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          bsorensen Apprentice

          Just a thought ..

          I have a view created for the SDA's that shows all the incidents that have been replied to, I am currently working with the Service Desk Manager on something similar to what I believe you are trying to do.


          Our thought right now to get the team used to the idea of following up, is to create a view that shows all incidents that are not closed that haven't been modified today.


          My search parameters are

          Where Incident ownerteam equal to IT Service Desk and

          Incident lastmoddatetime less than $(Today() and

          Incident Status in List waiting for 3rd party, waiting for customer, active, logged


          This gives them a base to ensure their incidents are completed daily.

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            kim.martin Apprentice

            Thank you for your help.