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    Onboarding design help

    blwallace Specialist

      I'm using 2017.3 and am relatively new.  I'm creating an onboarding service request to gather information about a new hire - ultimately to automatically create my AD and Exchange accounts based on what is given in the service request.  [I've heavily modified the OOTB New Employee Setup service request.]  As part of the information, I'm creating a task for an external department (team) to create a LoginID and send that ID back to me through the task.  I will gather that ID and put that info into an extended attribute on the AD account.  I would like to send the external department an email with the link to open the task window so they can enter in the information.  They enter the loginID in the field presented to them and complete the task.  Once completed, I want to grab the input and combine that with other information to pass to a Powershell script.  I'm unclear on how to design for the task input.  I understand how to design the form, gather the information and pass to powershell. 


      What I don't know how to do is

      1. have the workflow link the email it sends for task notification, to a task window that basically says, "input the LoginID here and select Complete to complete the task"
      2. grab the LoingID information and put it into a field I have designated in the service request


      Do I create a extended business object for the task from Task or SystemTask, complete with forms, business rules, quick actions for this task?

      In the workflow, would I create and Extended Task and reference this new task?  (I haven't done anything with extended tasks yet.)

      I assume I would invoke a workflow from my main service request workflow - this workflow would be part of the new business object?


      Hopefully, some people can help me out.



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Bart,


          I think you need to have this entire workflow run from the Task object.  Which extended type you use is up to you, but you'll want to key in on a task title or something you set from the task block in the Offering fulfillment workflow to trigger the Task based workflow that can dispatch the needed email.


          I suggest a separate role just for these folks to use and have that role hooked into a separate layout so you can build the form just as you see fit for this purpose.


          Does that spark some ideas of how you can get to your end goal?



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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            Jon has covered most of it to save on different roles/layouts you could use a flag on the task record IsLoginIDRequired and if set when you create the task (via extended task block) it then displays the LoginID field to complete.  upon task completion (and with out new flag we can enforce that the LoginID field is completed before the task is completed.) I would copy (use a business rule to trigger the value back up to the Service Request (run for child [it works both up and down] but as the relationship is one to many makes it easier) it back to the SR object, you can then continue your workflow based upon the task completion and check that the value copied correctly using and if statement before you call your script. 


            I would creating a debug tab on the SR object (a simple form but it shows all the hidden fields that will contain your parameters and powershell output)  this would be displayed to admins only but really useful to see how your workflow is progressing when processing or manipulating data.


            I hope that helps, if you get stuck shout.

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              blwallace Specialist

              Thanks gentlemen, I'll look into some of these ideas.