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    LANrev 7.4


      I'm currently running Lanrev 7.4.   Is there a more current version or is this the latest update?



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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee

          7.4.3 is the latest version. It has been announced that end of life for LANrev is September 2019.


          There is an option to move to End Point Management if you would like. You would just need to speak to your sales rep to do this.


          Thank you!

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            mbi_support Rookie

            When and where did the EOL announcement happen? Would you happen to have a link?

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              mbi_support Rookie

              Ah, I found this... https://rs.ivanti.com/press-releases/lanrev-eol-migration-faq-2018-3.pdf.


              Other that this thread, this is the first I've heard of this.

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                LiquidHelpdesk Rookie

                Is 7.4.2 the last client update for the Mac environment? We have the 7.4.3 server installed, but the client remained 7.4.2 and with 10.13.x we've found that if using APFS the LanRevPatchHelper ends up killing the CPU and battery life.

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                  sgillaspy Apprentice

                  LanRevPatchHelper --that's interesting...I'm running LR 7.4.2 client successfully on (get this...) Mojave 10.14.2 here and don't even have that process running at all.  Is it handling your clients' 3rd-party patching?


                  I do 3rd-party patching with LANrev but I don't use the "integrated" (built-in) feature in Server Center, I simply have all my 3rd-party in the LANrev flat Software Packages folder.  It's been flawless for 10 years that way (since the feature wasn't always available).  I saw reports early on (maybe 2014 or so) that the integrated feature wasn't working well in LANrev (or in any other vendor's software for that matter), so I avoided it with surprisingly good success.  It seems counter-intuitive, and you would think it would create lots of extra work for me, but in reality it takes an entire layer of vendor problems out of the way of my actual job---releasing the latest updates for over 100 non-Apple titles!

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                    sgillaspy Apprentice

                    A new LanRev 7.4.4 out this week