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    ISM Workflow - New/Next task pulls agent entered notes/information from previously agent completed task - Any Ideas

    JenBouillion Apprentice

      So I'd like an update to happen to populate that info (completed agent typed notes/resolution) into the next task in the workflow. So agent enters Asset Tag Number Assigned, the Hardware Serial Number, or Software License Number etc..I want this info that was entered into previous task to populate into next following task in then workflow.

      (the only Idea I have is to update the completed task info to a hidden field on the SR form header > pull that info from said hidden field on SR form header to new/next task in workflow)  There has to be an easier way = -)


      Desk side assigns new PC and notes: new asset tag# assigned > want that asset tag# (entered by agent in the task) to then populate into the next Task in the workflow to Asset Management.  This is just an example I could use this in a lot of other ways that would have larger amount of text to update.

      Below screen shot with pink * shows where I want the update to happen for this simple example.