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    Management Gateway software...


      We have been running management gateway 8.6 on standalone box.


      We have misplaced the gateway admin password and therefroe need to re-install the software?


      Where is it on the site as we cannot locate to download? we still have support aggreement in place.

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          jvhooijdonk Apprentice

          I don't think that the sw is still available because it's no longer supported. LANDesk replaced the sw version for the appliance.



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            What Jan said is exactly right.  The ISO is end of life and no longer exists for any practical purposes.  Here is some information about it:



            There are other reasons to upgrade to the appliance also, such as SHA-1 compatibility instead of MD5.  The ISO version of the Gateway does not have an update feature, and it is not PCI compliant (if that's a concern for you).  The Appliance can be updated, and has already had quite a few patches released for it, including one that brings it back into PCI compliancy.

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              So what do I do know? as i can't just buy the appliance? and the gateway iso was working fine for us?


              I've seen information about a vmware demo? is that to replace the ISO?


              Or can i contact support as i've seen that the ISO is supported upto the end of maintainence (which is 2 yrs) or when version 9 is released!

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                Hi Marcus,


                The VMWare demo version is limited in the amount of nodes that it can simultaneously support, so unless it's a very small environment that will probably not work for you.  At this point your options are:


                1 - Determine the admin password and continue to use the ISO.


                2 - Purchase the Management Gateway Appliance.


                3 - Use the VMWare version and see if it meets your needs.


                Existing implementations of the Gateway ISO are supported, but the build media is no longer available.  When anything happens to the existing build that Gateway is no longer supported.  Rebuilding the Gateway definitely counts in that area.  Of course, if you happen to have a Gateway CD and reinstall with no one the wiser, then you can still get support for it, but there is no way to get the build media provided for you.

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                  better go look for installation media! as your right the VMware demo, is limited to 20 or so concurrent connections! so thats not going to work in our enviroment.


                  Is there defo not password recovery? or a way you can find the password from the core? as the LD's core is still conected to the gateway, so it must be recorded or cache somewhere?

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                    That's actually a very good question.  The account password is used to establish communication between the core and the Gateway, but I don't know where in the database it is (although that should be able to be discovered).  It is possible that it's not stored in the database, but I find that highly unlikely.


                    Once you find it, however, you are probably going to be up against the problem that the password is encrypted.  Most sensitive data is stored that way.  Finding and decrypting it would be outside the area of support, and outside what I'm able to help you with either, because I simply don't know enough about it.


                    Do you have any alternate user accounts that might still be active and that have admin rights?  If you've got anyone with admin rights you can just go reset the actual admin password.

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                      thanks for your assistance on this issue.


                      Much appreciated.