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    Audit History Questions: 1. how to audit link fields? 2. how to audit child-objects?

    rhaa Apprentice

      Hi there


      I have two Questions and hope you can help me.


      1. I want to Audit a Link field on BO CI

      I was not able to reach this goal. When I try to Change the Link field to be autited, I get the following error:


      Relationship is already audited, but I don't get any entries in Audit History when this relationship changes:


      2. I want to Audit a linked Child Object


      We implemented a Checkbox "ProtectionObject" for our CIs. If activated, a Child Object called "Threat" will be linked to the CI.

      What I want is, that if an audited Field on a Threat-Object changes, the Audit Entries will also be shown on CI Audit History.

      Any ideas?