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    Adding a control to the middle of a Form mega-cell

    Jeff.Bromberger Apprentice

      Hi!  I'm trying to add an item to the middle of a OOTB form, and I'm hitting a wall.


      The form I am trying to modify is called Incident.DefaultForm.  For those who don't know it, this is what I see in the left-most column:

      All of these fields (controls) are located in a single cell (highlighted in blue).  I'm trying to put a label (or a button, or a field, or anything) between Impact and Urgency.  But if I highlight Impact and issue the "Add Row After" command, I get a row added at the bottom of the right column.  If I just drag it over from the explorer window, it ends up at the bottom of the left column, even if I released it over the Impact field.  And once it is dropped, I can't move it up or re-arrange any of the items in this cell.


      I'm more than willing to accept that I've missed something amazingly simple here.  I just can't find a single place where the manuals (or other experts I know) can explain how to add a field to this single mega-cell, or how to break the mega-cell back into individual cells, so I can re-merge them at the end of the exercise.


      My hope is that somebody out there knows how to accomplish this without deleting the entire left-hand side of the form and building it again by hand.  I'm even willing to hand-hack the XML form definition if I have to.


      Any hints/advice would be greatly appreciated.  And, it goes without saying, thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

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          katherinec Apprentice

          In my experience (other than splitting the cell into individual rows and rearranging) you just need to drag your new field over, it will default to the bottom of the cell, then you need to pull down all the fields that you want to appear *below* the new field down one at a time to take the place at the bottom of the cell until it's shifted up to the desired position. So put in your new field, then pyll down urgency, then priority, then tickboxes… etc.