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    Best way to restart server

    MNABET Apprentice




      We would use Ivanti EPM for restart our servers every week if restart is needed (Sunday at 2am per example).

      We created a restart task in Patch and Compliance, we set the day and the time of restart but we don't know how to schedule the restart properly.



      We use push method, push and  policy is too dangerous if server is not reachable and get back on the morning.



      We don't know if its better to schedule every week on "Task settings" or in "Schedule task"

      On task settings we have "Frequency" and on schedule task we have "Repeat every".



      Wich one is better for schedule reboot if needed every weeks at the same time.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What about a local scheduler task?


          You could define a locally scheduled task (not even a policy, just a local scheduler task) to run a reboot at 02:00 every Tuesday or whatnot.


          And/or "call a wrapper" script which gives you more options in case you need stuff that then makes more decisions based on "should I / should I not reboot"?


          <Note various details on potential time-creep that I'm explaining here -- Schedule Time Creep Issue >


          That way you're entirely independent of the Core being reachable / up / available ... if this scheduled reboot is what you want, that may be the easier way?

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            MNABET Apprentice

            We would use the core server because we would know in one place what time the server reboot. If we want to change the time or cancel reboot etc... in core server its more easier.

            Core server can check if reboot is needed and the server will not restart if there is not reboot needed.


            Thanks for your links. We will check that before use scheduled task.


            Edit : You talk about local scheduler inside core server ? In script management ? I just find this tab with your link. i never try to do something inside :0

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Oh, you can swing that a LOT of ways. You can use custom data for that, or even a stunt like this -- About SDCLIENT based communications -- a trick I've come up with / abused several times in the past.


              Generally, I make the statement that "anything you can do in Ivanti EPM, you can do in (at least) 3 different ways" ... just a matter of finding out which way works best for you .


              Give the thread a poke if you're unclear / uncertain about anything.

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                MNABET Apprentice

                In my case i have 25 different reboot time.

                Monday at 4h, 4h30, 5h, 5h30

                Thusday at 4h, 4h30, 5h, 5h30



                I reboot 10 servers on each reboot time (i have 250 servers).Each server must be restarted every weeks (if needed).

                I not restart all my server in one time because our Active directory cannot support too much request. We have small bandwith.


                When i created this topic i would restart my server with 25 different scheduled task and repeated every weeks. I don't know the difference between frequency inside "Task settings" and "Repeat every" in schedule task pannel.


                But you last message talk about Local scheduler. You talk about the landesk local schedule ? Not windows local schedule ?

                This way looks pretty good but how i can make script how restart only if needed ? Landesk can do this in GUI via patch and compliance but via script i don't know.


                Can i easy add-remove task in local schedule ?

                We would know in easy way the time of the next restart and cancel it or change it easy.


                before landesk we had some local task inside windows but its very hard to manage. 250 servers take too much time with this bad method.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Yes - I'm talking about the LANDesk Local Scheduler -- it gives you a LOT of configuration options.


                  Essentially, you just configure the task to do what you want it to do (based on your reboot setting) and then push it out to those specific servers.


                  It'll even show up in inventory (all LANDesk Local Scheduler tasks do), so you can query it on whether it ran & when it did so .


                  There's a few dedicated articles on local scheduler that explain all of the options / time of day filters & so on, it gives you a LOT of power.


                  You CAN use the Windows Local Scheduler as well, if that's what you want -- "pick your preferred poison" type of situation, each has their own merits & oddities.


                  "The right" solution is the one that works for you.

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