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    Is it possible to make a filter / criteria on the number of grouped results?

    bmagurn Apprentice

      I would like to exclude a lot of the one-offs from the report.

      Is there any way to exclude  or filter by the count of results returned?


      For example, if I group my IEM  data by "model" and sort by value (asc) to show the bottom 20 models,

      even the 20th model has a count of 3 devices. 


      i would like to exclude these from this dashboard, since they are test models ore one-offs, and therefore they don't really reflect what I am trying to find: which are old models which are still out there in small numbers and need to be addressed.


      Is there a way for me to filter or otherwise show models which have a count of devices > 3 ? 

      It seems like something that should be easy to do, is there something I am missing?