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    2018.1 Beta Patch

    tsujared Apprentice

      So is anyone else wondering why those of us in the Beta test program have yet to receive the Patch to be on 2018.1 full release 2 weeks after it became available to the public? Do the engineers just not care? I mean UEM is pretty much a useless 200K dollar software at this point. Not much of our stuff is working right. All i get when asking about the patch is soon. well soon means a few days not a few weeks.

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          carlos Expert

          Feeling your pain, as a general rule, never use Beta for produccion (I wouldn't by painful experience) the same for newly released SPs (the same, by experience)

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            tsujared Apprentice

            we were in a unique situation where after a year we had to scrap and start over so by getting in the beta program we had engineers on site to install and troubleshoot. that part went well, just the getting the patch afterward has not been so good.

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              tsujared Apprentice

              Well it took 3 weeks almost after the Public Release of 2018.1 was available, but we did finally receive the patch. It took way longer than it should have in our opinions. Especially since the public had a fully functional release. There was not very good communication from the team that was onsite to our TRM or to us. Very concerning how things were handled.