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    Create Outlook email using mailto or quick action?

    acopeland Apprentice

      I would like to add some way for an analyst to send an email through Outlook either via quick action/button that brings up a new outlook email or hyperlink using the mailto function. Pre-populating the to: field with the customer email as well as the subject with the incident number.


      I am aware that there is a send email quick action already built into ISM, but there are instances where the from: field needs to be different and easily changeable.


      I was thinking making the customer email field a hyperlink that does a "mailto:" would be the easiest and cleanest route, but i haven't been able to find any support articles mentioning how to do that.


      There aren't any just blank quick action options that allow me to simply run html code (like a blank quick action that allows me to put in a "mailto: call). At least none that I have seen...


      The run program action requires a connection be set up...i'd like to keep this simple.


      If any others have been able to accomplish this i am open to suggestions.


      Edit: I found this article Hyperlinking email entries using attributes and it sounds like what i am trying to accomplish, but where do i go to change this attribute?