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    Distinguishing between Copy, Clone and Private copies (and permissions)

    jonl1 Rookie

      A teammate and myself have been trying to understand the difference between copying, cloning and making private copies of templates and template groups. We have multiple people collaborating on a 100+ Public action template group and need clear definitions of each. 


      Our desired workflow : user A needs to make a change to Public development template group 1 (aka dev master) so they acquire a current copy of dev master for private use, make their changes in their own userspace, test and when done, update dev master (sounds very git-like :hint: :hint:)


      So far I can only find vague definitions of each - I would **love** to have these cleared.

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          JoeRandall SupportEmployee

          Have you reviewed the information in the Help document for provisioning - Provisioning overview ? If you have and still have questions I would recommend contacting support - https://community.ivanti.com/community/contact-support


          Cloning existing templates

          Once you use a template, you can't change it directly. However, you can clone and change it. For this reason, we recommend that templates be smaller in nature so that if any changes are required, you can change that one component of the provisioning configuration.

          The Clone option makes a copy of the selected template. You can modify the copy, making minor changes to the copy rather than taking the time create an entirely new template.

          If you clone a public template, the copy is placed in the My templates folder and acquires the properties of a private template.

          1. Click the Public or My templates folder to display templates in the right pane.
          2. Right-click a template and select Clone.
            A copy of the template is created in the folder, with the name of the original template and the date and time the clone was created.To change the name, description, boot environment, or target OS of the cloned template, right-click the clone, click Properties, modify the settings, and click OK.
          3. To modify the actions, included templates, user variables, or the XML of the cloned template, double-click the clone to open the Template view.