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    DanJones Apprentice

      I had a discussion with several Ivanti representatives early last year, asking if we should halt the implementation of our new Service Desk Workspaces setup as the heat product was clearly, at the time, the product that was going to get more attention.

      We were told that we should proceed on our current path as there would be tools available that would make the transition from Service Desk to Service Manager relatively simple once Service Manager received the Workspaces interface.

      I see no sign of this ever coming to fruition, in fact I see more of the design language from the heat product line being used on more products, Will the workspaces interface ever come to Service Manager?

      I see Workspaces has already been pulled from the default installation of EPM

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Dan,


          I'm not sure anyone can answer this as such in this forum.  I suggest you arrange a meeting with your Sales rep who should be able to gather your questions about this up and find out something more definitive about the road map from the Product Management Team.