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    Replicator's sdmcache not mirrored

    mmv Rookie

      In a 2017.3 environment, we have a preferred server that is also the replicator. When changes are made to the core's repository, we see that the changes are mirrored to the preferred server's share, but the sdmcache still contains the old data. Due to the amount of changes done by our team, the cache is outgrowing the drive due to outdated files that are still sitting in cache.


      Is there a setting that we are missing?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          "Yes", more than likely , in short.


          So, a replicator will still download files "as normal", which means it'll dump 'em into SDMCACHE "as normal" as well. You can configure how long files last on a replicator as part of the "Client Connectivity" agent setting:


          <So you may potentially want to bring that down, if it's killing your disk at the moment>


          Now - as a "quick measure" (if you're running out of disk space), you CAN just start deleting files / directories in SDMCACHE if needed and - this is important - then RESTARTING the LANDesk Targeted Multicast Service, so that it can do the housekeeping & notice "oh, those things have been deleted, I better not advertise as having them".



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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            One thing to consider is that if the place you are putting files to on that server is on the same volume as your sdmcache then it should not have copies of the files. See this document: How to set up Content Replication on a Preferred Server running Windows Server 2012 R2


            "Please Note: The replicator will need to store a copy of all files to be replicated, and setting the preferred server itself as replicator may result in two copies of all files being stored on this replicator during the replication process. If the SMDCACHE directory and the destination are on different volumes, two copies of the files will be made and SDMCACHE on the root will need to be manually cleared. If SDMCACHE and the destination are on the same disk, this will not happen. To change the location of SDMCACHE, you can create a custom Client Connectivity setting and apply it to the replicator."


            So you might consider changing the sdmcache location on the preferred server to be the same volume as then you don't need as much space. I've not tested this recently but I have seen it working before.


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