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    How can I display notes on Self Service?

    Humbert Rookie

      I´m trying to display the notes made by the self service user and the ones made by the service desk analyst on the self service portal any ideas how can I accomplish this?

      Any status update made to the ticket I want it to display it on the following form, I had added the journal field to the form but I havent had any luck.

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          lgtandi Specialist

          We did it the following way:

          • Add a "Related Objects List" control to the form used in the Self Service Portal.
          • Within the "Flex Settings" of this control, select the "IncidentContainsJournal" relationship.
          • Moreover define a search that returns only the journal notes entries with the "PublishToWeb" field set to 'true" and select this search in the "Saved Searches" field of the "Flex Settings" definitions.
            This gives you the opportunity to only list the notes added by the self service user itself or those added by service desk analysts but not those added by other teams or roles or those maybe created automatically provided that you set the "PublisToWeb" field in the required way.




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