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    Provisioning bare metal hp machines by serial number only


      Dear Reader,


      I'm trying to accomplish the following. In our organization we use mostly hp computers. As some of you may know, hp only puts the serial number on the box and not the mac address. I set up the following:



      1.     An PXE Representative;

      2.     I made different templates needed for all the os deployment task and bundled these task in a template and scheduled this "master" template;

      3.     I defined a new device in the "Bare Metal Server" container and used the serial number as the identifier type;

      4.     I placed the new Bare metal provision device in the scheduled template task and started the task. The status of the device is delayed;

      5.     I boot the device with pxe and start the Winpe provisioning. The Landesk provisioning agent notifies me "that there are no Provisioning tasks defined for this


      6.     I can login with my Landesk credentials and start the task manually which seems to work fine. But I want to automate this process, so that the computer
              starts the shedualed task automatically and uses the device name value in the Landesk database as the device name(which I defined with public variables)



      Is this even possible? Can Landesk discover the serial number of my machine and associate this with the defined device under the "bare metal server" container? Or is this only possible with the Mac address? Or can I script this somehow?




      Thanks in advance!



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          I've just tried this (in 8.8 SP3) and it works for me. Here's my recommended test sequence(*):


          1. Make sure your test machine is not already in the database. Delete it if it is. Also delete any baremetal entries you might have created for the machine.
          2. Do a manual PXE boot and select WinPE-provisioning at the F8 menu. Wait until the provisioning login prompt pops up. Do not login.
          3. In your console, your test machine should now have appeared as a new device, with the MAC address as the device name. Open its inventory. The serial number should be there under BIOS. You can copy & paste it directly from the inventory.
          4. Delete the test machine again from the database (only to clean up so remainder of test is closer to real-life)
          5. Create a baremetal item, pasting the serial number that you just captured into the item.
          6. Create some trivial provisioning template (mine just ran notepad in the OS install section). Schedule it. Drag the baremetal item to it. Start Now. The task status changes from waiting to delayed.
          7. Force another PXE boot. As before, select WinPE-provisioning at the F8 menu. This time, there is no login prompt. The provisioning agent loads and runs the task.


          When you repeat the test using the mac address instead of the serial number, there is one difference: at step 7, you don't get the F8 menu. The machine goes straight into provisioning without you telling it to. The reason for the difference is that in the first test, the machine's serial number could not possibly have been known at the time of the F8 prompt. We had to wait until the machine completed a WinPE boot and sent what is known as a mini-scan. The mini-scan includes the serial number, therefore by the time the provisioning agent loads, the serial number is known and the provisioning agent runs the task rather than showing you a login screen.



          (*) One purpose of this test is to avoid any possible confusion about the serial number. If you follow my steps, you're using the serial number exactly as the machine reports it, rather than as read by a human off a cardboard box. I am not suggesting that you would follow these steps in production mode. I'm only suggesting a test sequence here.

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            Dear Jan,


            Thanks for your quick reply!


            I executed your test, but still the provision agent tells me there is no provisioning task avaiable. What I learned from your test is the following:


            1.     The serial number the computer sents to the landesk DB is exactly the same as what's on the box, that’s a good thing http://community.landesk.com/support/images/emoticons/happy.gif

            2.     We use landesk 8.8 but are not up to speed and have servicepack level 1 I think

            3.     The Winpe enviroment is customized by another colleague I think. The background has our company logo. I deployed the PXE representative with the default task.

            4.     When I executed your test I noticed the computer name of my test machine was already in landesk database. I deleted this one but still I get this error.


            Do you think this doesn’t work because we dont have sp3 just yet?(maybe a bug) Or because of the customized Winpe environment? Is there a way to use the deploy the default image for the Winpe provisioning Environment?


            Thanks in advance!


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              As it turns out, this feature was indeed broken. Fixed in 8.8 SP3. If you are not ready to install SP3, you may want to contact support and see if they can provide a patch (reference: CR19735).

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                Dear Jan,


                Thanks for your reply. This issue is indeed addressed in the change log for Service pack 3.0 We have the update scheduled for today, I have full confidence this will solve our problem. 

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                  Dear Reader,


                  Is it also possible to deploy machines by serial number with an OSD script instead of provisioning? I created an OSD script witch I tested and works fine. I want to scheduale this script and then add a bare metal device where the unique identifier is the serial number. Or does OSD script schedualing only works for bare metal devices where the MAC address is the unique identifier?