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    Cost Form - New Build

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      Looking for some help in building a new form for a new module I've built.


      Basically we're looking to Capture all cost involved in the module but I'm struggling to articulate it on a form.


      The information I need to capture is:


      • Financial Cost
        • I have created a Number field and used label expression: $(local("Finanical Cost to Implement ") + "(" + CurrentGlobalCurrency() + ") :")
      • Value Gained
        • As above, used the same formula
      • Total Time spent
        • Struggling with this one as I can't use a date/time field as this gives it in a 24 hour format, the only other option is to use a number field but this is in minutes which is not ideal
      • Teams involved
        • Not sure how to do this either as I believe I can only pull in the implementer field, Ideally I'd like to be able to list all the teams that have tasks assigned to them but not sure how to do this.



      My ideal solution would be to have the top 2, then:

      Team - Time

      Team - Time

      Team - Time


      Total Time.


      No idea the best way of doing this however....


      Any guidance would be appreciated.


      Many thanks