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    Update In-House Application to iOs devices

    jbataller Apprentice


      We use IEM 2018.1 (update of 2017.3)
      Every 1 year, we have to renew the certificates of our internal applications and redeploy them via MDM.
      This is an update and not a simple installation.


      Under AOD Wavelink, we change the IPA files and in the AOD interface, the CFBuildingversion. After that, the updated application replaced the old version on all iDevices.


      Since version 2017.1, then the following, I can't make the update.

      I hav modified the IPA and the id Version,

      Having an application expired on 685 devices via MDM 2018.1, I am looking to perform this update, what is the solution ?


      For the moment, the only solution, is to users delete the application manually (and lost information of this appliaction) and wait 1 hour the re-installation of this by the automated scheduled task of EPM; but for more than 600 iOs devices, it's not a very pratical solution.


      Please help, rapidely

      Thank you