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    Word 2007 Deploy but Word 2003 still default version


      Hi LanDesk Pros!


      We want to deploy Word07 to improve the Spellchecker feature in Outlook2007, it is not meant to be the default Word Version. Word2003 has still to be default, also any .doc and .docx files should be opened with Word2003.


      To make sure that will work, we have to edit some registry keys as the user (HKCU), and we also have to start the word with his credentials. If I would just make a WoL, the HKCU settings wouldn’t be written, and also opening Word2003 is not possible, when no user is logged in.


      I created a simple batch file, to write the registry settings, and open word (it works). I used this batch, created a task and I set the existing Word07 package as dependency. I configured the Policy Supported Push to delay the package until the user logs on. But when I start the task, it will be started, it says "Task will be perfomed on next logon" (what is ok), but if I log onto the target device I receive the error message attached!

      I was logged in as Domainadmin, and had access to the file (so it’s not a permission issue)


      Would be glad for a solution. Even if it consists another way of deployment!